Pickers/Cranes and Trucking Services

Pickers/Cranes and Trucking Services

Kaynic Construction offers picker/crane and trucking services for all your needs—from a one-day job to several months on-site.

Our Cranes, Pickers, and Trucking Services

70-Ton Crane (TC700)
Truck-mounted with 115 ft. live stick, 53 ft. offsetting jib and tandem winch lines (all loads rated at 360-degree pick, outrigger “X” pattern 7.9 m) 

50-Ton Crane
Truck-mounted tandem tri-drive with 100 ft. live stick, 51 ft. offsetting jib and outrigger ‘square’ pattern 24 ft. x 24 ft.

45-Ton Picker
Tandem tri-drive with 103 ft. live stick, tandem winch lines and outrigger ‘square’ pattern 24 ft. x 24 ft.

12-Ton Knuckle Picker
Single-steer tandem with 68 ft. reach, 6 ft. reversing jib and 5,000 lb. winch.

40-Ton Winch Tractors
With 10 ft. deck, tri-axle lowboy and 8-wheel jeep (hauling capacity of 91,500 lb. with jeep and up to 145,000 lb. with permits)

Trucking Services

  • Specialty Hauling – Alberta and BC
  • Equipment Hauling
  • Material Hauling
  • Highboy, Trombone, Tri-axle lowboy and 8-wheel jeep
  • Pilot Cars